2050 Art Services is an Art Consultancy firm based in Chicago, Illinois that is equipped to tend to all your needs in the world of fine art, whether you possess a vast collection or a single prized possession.

Molly Morse Limmer is the principal of 2050 Art Services; she gained her expertise during her tenure as Head of Department for Antiquities at Christie’s New York, and further in her role as Vice President of Business Development for Christie’s Midwest Regional Office in Chicago.

2050 Art Services is prepared to provide appraisals and valuations—whether for sale, insurance, financial planning or tax purposes—for any area of the art market.  2050 Art is adept at collection management and project management throughout all sectors of the art market, domestically and internationally.    

Molly Morse Limmer’s original focus, scholarship and professional expertise was in ancient art: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Near Eastern.  For decades, she honed her abilities and services in this arena including academic research on individual objects, advising on acquisitions and sales, and proficiency on the international art market.  With her further experience in Business Development, Molly has translated that ability to every corner of the art world.